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County Land Ownership Maps

CoffeyCounty Land Title sells county land ownership maps for Coffey County, as well as some surrounding counties. Prices will vary by size of map.

Services & Products

Title Insurance

Licensed agents for First American Title Insurance Company of Kansas. With a title insurance policy on every land purchase, you can rest assured that the title to the property you want to buy is free and clear of any liens, that ownership has been transferred correctly and legally, and that all taxes have been paid. A national company will defend your right to own that property free and clear of any previous liens thus providing you with protection from any monetary loss due to title defects and peace of mind knowing that your  investment is secure and protected.

To become more familiar with topics such as Title Insurance, Escrow Fees, and Closing Costs, go to www.homeclosing101.org for more information.


A qualified licensed abstracter is available to update your abstract.

Certificates of Title

A Certificate of Title, prepared by a qualified and licensed abstracter, may be the report you need giving you the necessary information regarding a piece of land, its owner, liens on the property, easements of record, and judgments against the owner of record. 

Court Checks

Court checks are conducted at the Coffey County District Court alerting you to liens that may already be filed of record and will need to be cleared and removed before you can purchase property with a clear title.

Document Preparation

Various documents can be prepared that may be necessary to transfer ownership in land or clear encumbrances.

Foreclosure Reports

A property ownership report can be prepared for lenders to assist when a foreclosure is being considered.

Lien Searches

Various forms of searches are available when a lender needs to know what is recorded against one of their clients or a particular piece of property.

Mortgage Closings

We will work with the lending institution of your choice to facilitate the Closing of your mortgage for a purchase or a refinance; or we will do a transaction closing for two parties who are conducting a sale/purchase without the assistance of a real estate company. We prepare the paperwork, walk you through the closing process, file the appropriate paperwork, make disbursements, and prepare forms necessary for your tax preparation.

​For more information about what to expect during your closing procedure, go to www.homeclosing101.org.